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Might as well do one of these thingies

Have you ever been so lonely, you cried?: I might get a little bit moody if I’m by myself and very tired.

Do you know what you want to do with your life?: Sitting around watching TV with bursts of travels to places that contain people I know.

Can you achieve anything if you put your mind to it?: Telepathy and telekinesis seem to be eluding me.

Have you ever given homeless people money?: A little bit now and then.

Any unusual songs you listen to a lot?: Does Swedish lyric progressive rock or music with made up lyrics from a French drummer count?
How many times have you tied your shoes today?: I tie them about once a week. I’m a slipper inner.

Do you usually bring or buy a lunch for school/work?: I buy something there. It used to be chips and beans but now I try for jacket spud or tuna salad or a sarnie.

Are you calm, or do you freak out over every little thing?: I try and be calm but sometimes I panic a little until a solution can be found. If there’s no solution then I carry on panicking until it goes away.

Do you try to stand out, or be like everyone else?: I yam what I yam. Whether or not I fit in depends on where I am. Sometimes it feels good to be different, sometimes it doesn’t.

Snacks you enjoy munching on?: Nik Naks :)~ Choccy biscuits :)~

Has a light ever burnt out while you were reading?: Nope. But someone did turn off the lights in the loos at work once (I wasn’t reading though).

Do you think there is a such thing as 'Happily ever after?': It is possible.

What is something you long for?: I long for snake impressions ;P The correct mix of people at the right times would be good but impossible.

Have you ever sprayed a chemical at someone for fun?: Do farts count?

Do you like hugs or kisses better?: I think they’re kind of equal but can alter depending on the situation.

Are you the type to read a book at a time, or a few?: One at a time, and over a long time at the rate I’m going.

Have you ever gotten addicted to something and wanted to quit so badly?: Love.

Do you look more like your mother or father?: Mon papa.

Have you ever gone outside in the middle of a thunderstorm?: Aye, in Fronce.

Do you seek honesty in a friendship?: Yeah, but just don’t tell me that my arse is big ;P

Do you do your own laundry, or do your parents still do it for you?: My Mum keeps threatening to, but I have to say no.

Did you used to play with legos when you were younger?: Do you mean Lego ®? Of course.

Has anyone ever made fun of you for being too tall/short?: Those midgets are always picking on me, calling me lofty :p

Do you dislike people who cheat at games?: Only if they’re on my team or another that beats me.

Which do you prefer, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?: Ooh, oh my. Err. Actually I think it’s Star Wars as there’s a light saber in my kitchen.

Do you do your homework at the last minute?: I used to hurriedly do it before school and during registration.

Does it bug you when you want something done, and it doesn't get done?: Which is why I tend to do it myself.

Do you like cauliflower and cheese sauce?: I’ve been getting into it more over the last year.

Do you like the sound of the dryer running?: I neither like nor dislike.

Do you have one religion or many, or none?: 100s of little ones.

Would you ever eat another person if you absolutely had to?: Rump. Nom nom nom.

Do you believe, deep down, that we are all the same?: Carbon based lifeforms? Walking bags of water?

Do you like playing ping pong?: I prefer table tennis. It’s coming home ya know.

Do you ever feel like someone is in your house?: It’s me.

Do you turn the lights off when you're done with them, or leave them all on?: Off, unless I forget. That goes for the fridge too.

Do you believe true love can conquer anything?: Are we in a Disney film? Can love cook my steak? Can love banish the evil pigdog demon in the garage?

Have you ever had to check out a "Use this for dummies" book?: I call it life.

Have you ever tried so hard to save up for something, but it was too hard?: I lived with the folks for 29 years. I’m loaded :)

Do you realise how many times a day a person says "I"?: No. How many is it?

Do you like reading just the first book in the series, or all of it?: All of it, eventually.

Do you prefer grapes or strawberries?: A year ago I would have said grapes but I’m getting into strawberries lately. Now if the grapes were peeled…

Have you ever taken a survey so long it bored you?: Zzzzzz

Do you know why the sun comes up everyday?: It doesn’t. The Earth goes down.

Don't you hate when you have to get up early on the weekends?: Getting up early an day sucks. It’s a pity we have to sleep.

Do you have a fear of taking tests when you are not prepared?: Did I pass?
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