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I seem to have done something to my hip. I have to get up from sitting down like a creaky old man. But I wasn’t too crippled that I couldn’t get in my car and drive the 6o miles to JBs in Dudley for some Scandinavian goodness.

First up were Sweden’s Fatal Smile. Part glam part sleaze with a melodic hard rock edge and strong vocals. Shortly into their set they were stopped short by some power problem, but when they were back running it was is if they had never stopped their forward motion of rock. Good stuff.

The sound of God Of Thunder by Kiss indicated that it was time for some monsters.
On walked:
Kita- Drums - an alien manbeast who looks a little bit like The Predator
Ox - Bass - HellBull
Awa - Keyboards/backing vocals - The ghost countess
Amen - Guitar - the decomposing mummy.
and last of all the mighty Lordi - Vocals - Big ol' demon beast and unholy overlord of tremors complete with red eyes and little horns.

When last I saw them they were riding high from their Eurovision song contest win

and since then have brought out their new album Deadache.
Half the set came from the new album starting with Girls Go Chopping which proved that the band were back and in good form both on CD and live. Other good new tunes included Raise Hell in Heaven, Bite It Like a Bulldog, Deadache and Dr. Sin Is In which had Mr Lordi dressed in scrubs cutting the guts out of a little humanoid thingy only for it to sit upright and be forced back down a few times. There were other slight costume changes and props depending on the song and some more theatrics like Ox ripping the arm off a hunchback and also bashing a roadie with a guitar, Kita beheading someone and placing the head on a spike on top of his drum kit, Awa shoving a spike though 2 dead dancers, and Mr Lordi spraying the audience with fake blood.

The other song selections fulfilled my wishlist including Blood Red Sandman which got me into the band in the first place. The final trio were Would You Like Some Monstermunch? Would You Love a Monsterman?, Devil Is a Loser which had Mr Lordi spread his giant wings and Hard Rock Hallelujah which has become an anthem ever since it brought even more attention to the band when it won the Eurovision song contest.

They played for a decent 1hour 40 this time and it was a funny and enjoyable experience. Monster! Monster! Monster!

Set list:
Girls Go Chopping
They Only Come Out at Night
Raise Hell in Heaven
Bite It Like a Bulldog
Who's Your Daddy?
Blood Red Sandman
Man Skin Boots
The Night of the Loving Dead
Bringing Back the Balls to Rock
Monster Monster
Wake the Snake
Dr. Sin Is In
Missing Miss Charlene
Would You Love a Monsterman?
Devil Is a Loser
Hard Rock Hallelujah

Because of some random waking up in slight hip discomfort the night before I decided to take some pills last night. I slept better and even had a dream that my hip was fixed then woke up and it was, not fully but definitely better *dances a very little jig* :)
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