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Friday The 13th - It had to be watched, but was it any good? It was actually not bad. Most of the death scenes were quite entertaining and managed to make me wince a little, and the cast were annoying enough to deserve the wrath of the new Jason (same as the old Jason).
It was pretty much done as per the slasher rules although there was one surprise for me. The ending was very cliché but I don’t know why I was expecting anything else really. Ok to watch for a bit of a laugh to pass the time :)

As the problem I had with my hip hopefully starts to fade I know have an achy neck that gives me a bit of grief if I move it backwards. Oy vey!

I had a vision driving home 2 nights ago. A message given to me and it said to have scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast and to add a bit of soy sauce to it :)~

Party tonight :) I’ll be taking shandy, lucozade and pain pills.
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