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Well I seemed to have been half right with my Oscar guesses. I didn’t think Slumdog Mullonare would do that well but I’m glad it did. I accidentally only recorded the red carpet bit and not the proper show though. But it was available on Sky+ Anytime TV so watched that today to hunt for the funny bits between the awards, but there weren’t that many this year. It was a much more song and dance type ceremony.
One question though. Where was Jack Nicholson?

I woke up yesterday and was attacked by mucus. So I spent the day in a slouch and stayed up later than I should. But today I’ve slept a whole lot and had some pancakes made from scratch as by the time I got to Tesco they had ran out f the lazy stuff. My kitchen now looks like a Jackson Pollack artwork but it was worth it. I had them with some chocolate spread. Naughty, but nice :)~
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