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Snot Thursday

I woke up this morning about 4am cold naked snotty coughing confused and a few more dwarfs. I had a dream that I was at an awards show that had turned into a chaotic riot. A pee and a blow of the honker (that will be my nose) and I was back to bed and soon off to nodland again.
Therefore today’s trip to the cinema was canceled in favour of a bit of sleep. It turns out that my boiler is playing up a bit too and didn’t come on when it was supposed to thus making my house a bit nippy.
I did mange to pop into town to get tickets for Rob Bryden, Bat Out Of Hell, Ultravox, Little Shop Of Horrors, Ross Noble, Derren Brown, Counting Crows and Thunder. Later on I might get some more tickets off the internet for Lenny Kravitz, Saxon, Gary Moore Firefest and maybe even Z Rock at Dudley.

I cooked my 3rd ever steak and this time it worked out just right. I had it with fries, veg and JD BBQ sauce. Hurrah! :)~
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