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It was cold and bit of me started breaking.

Best CD of recent times purchased
AC/DC – Black Ice
Acoustic Ladyland – Skinny Grin
Asia - Live In San Francisco
Big Big Train - The Difference Machine
Blaze Bayley - The Man Who Would Not Die
Caamora - Journey's End - An Acoustic Anthology
Circle II Circle - Burden Of Truth
Circle II Circle - Delusions Of Grandeur
Civilization One - Revolution Rising
Counting Crows - Saturday Nights And Sunday Mornings
Guns n Roses – Chinese Democracy
Helloween – Gambling With The Devil
Human Fortress - Eternal Empire
Harper Ben – Lifeline
Lordi - Deadache
Pendragon - Pure
Queensrÿche - Take Cover

Nice ones from Circle II Circle and Pendragon. But the old rocker likes the very AC/DCness of AC/DC – Black Ice. It’s like having steak every week just the way you like it, simple yet tasty.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Acoustic Ladyland - Camouflage
Chain - .exe
City Boy - Heads Are Rolling
Consortium - Rebirth
Alice Cooper - From The Inside
Alice Cooper - Constrictor
Crowded House - Woodface
Nash Graham - Wild Tales
Queen - Queen
Queen - The Works

Woodface & Wild Tales are really nice but I’m quite liking slightly proggy multi vocalist project of Henning Pauly Chain - .exe. It’s a 2004 album so no really too in the past but qualifies anyway.
Actually I think Queen - The Works deserves a mention too for having song great songs on it - Radio Ga Ga, Tear It Up, It's a Hard Life, I Want to Break Free, Hammer to Fall.

Best best of CD purchased
Chocolate Watch Band - Melts In Your Brain, Not On Your Wrist
Sam Cooke - The Best Of Sam Cooke
Coral - Singles Collection
Corrs - Dreams: The Ultimate Collection
Parallel Or 90 Degrees - A Can Of Worms

Parallel Or 90 Degrees - A Can Of Worms dark UK proggyness.

Gig of the Month
Lordi + Fatal Smile was very enjoyable and quite different from Metallica who had a bit more money for pyro.

Cinema film of the Month
Friday The 13th because I didn’t get chance to see anything else.

Film on TV
Youth Without Youth
St Trinians
National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
Hot Rod
The Singing Detective
The Messengers
Man Of The Year

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets was entertaining, Man Of The Year was interesting, St Trinians was better than I thought it might be and Hot Rod was plently of funny Evil Knieval insipered moments.

Rewatched Film on TV
Spartan is an interesting Val Kilmer thriller Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed is a hoot, but Shaun Of The Dead is just brilliant.

Best DVD bought
Black Sheep - Killer sheep.Baaaaarmy!

DVD watched
American Crime
10th & Wolf
No Country For Old Men
All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
Elizabeth - The Golden Age
Punisher: War Zone

11:14 was interesting as was No Country For Old Men. But Outlander had Vikings and a spoace monster :)

Book read
Shut up. I think I should have time next month though.

Top purchase
Blue Harbour Stormwear ™ Plain Trekking Trousers Even though I don’t like the floppy bits below the knees.

March has only 7 days at work, 2 gigs and a brilliant adventure :)
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