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Rob Brydon

After work I quickly popped home, got myself together and headed into town. When I got to the concert hall the support act was on stage, for about 4 minutes.
With a bit of texting and twittering the break passed by quickly and Rob Brydon (43) walked onto the stage.
Some see him as more of a comic actor in things like Gavin & Stacy & Supernova (which I enjoyed the most) more than a stand up comedian, but he proved himself worthy to be ranked along side other contemporary acts even though his routine was perhaps a little old fashioned in places. He talked about his life and plenty of Welsh things including a piece about his wife giving birth and him catching the kid and instinctively throwing it like a rugby ball and being lucky that the umbilical cord was still on so it sprung back :)
The best stuff came from his interaction with the audience, often resulting in some light heartened cruelty. When one guy got up to go to the loo he got us all to wait till he put his bum back in the seat then turn and point at him saying ‘Hey Andy. What’s up’. Kind of juvenile, but fun :)
I wasn’t sure what to expect but it turned out to be a good gig. Rob even twittered ‘Great show in Nottingham tonight, my favourite so far’ :)
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