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On my last days off I went to see The Unborn. It was all right. Spookily paced like the films of old and with the odd scare here and there that reminded me of plenty of other demon and possession films.

Today I went to see Watchmen. I had to. It’s the law. There were a fair few long haired guys with beards in the audience but it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. As it’s a bit of a special film I even forced myself to have some popcorn and coke (or Pepsi Max, but I just call everything coke).
I’ve not read the graphic novel so didn’t know the full story, but know it’s by Alan Moore and the film was directed by Zack (300) Snyder so had high hopes.
I believed in Alan’s alternative 1980s world where masked heroes exist and Richard Nixon is still president. The heroes aren’t your Marvel types, some are deeply disturbed and with questionable morals.
At just over 2.5 hours it’s a long film, and there were a few moments where it started to feel it, but on the whole it had me interested throughout.
I’ve read that the direction is quite faithful to the book, but I imagine that to create some of the scenes some good skills were used by all involved.
I thought the actors were all good but especially liked Patrick Wilson as Night Owl II and Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach who could be considered the main characters although the sexy Silk Spectre II and big blue man Dr Manhattan have important roles to play.
The conclusion to the murder mystery (which is the base of the film, but there’s so much more) was philosophically deep and along with plenty of the script had me thinking about Alan Moore’s beard (as did V For Vendetta).
It’s very much a DC film, dark, broody, at times violent but also mentally stimulating. Very unique and interesting.
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