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Last night was a pirate party (or gathering, or whatever old people like me call a party). I bought a cheapy cheapy almost piratey but probably more glam rocker outfit, and sellotaped a McVities Penguin to my shoulder as I didn’t have a parrot.
I even got to have some grog as I wasn’t the driver that night :)
I think a good time was had by all especially when the host forced us into team games of hunt the treasure in the bucket of sand then walk the plank outside and race back through the conservatory which we locked at one point because we’re pirates, and hunt for the eyeballs which are actually grapes in the bowls of jelly using chopsticks, and burst the cannon balls which are actually balloons and do the dare that are on the bits of paper within them.

I now remember why I don’t drink too much nowdays as I woke at 3am feeling a bit nauseous. But after pressing the snooze button 4 times I’ve had a little omelette for breakie, and as soon as I’ve showered should be ready for a day of not a lot (although I might do some cleaning or washing or a stroll).

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