Boo Who? (baggy) wrote,
Boo Who?

Today's Twits

  • 00:21 Yey. Rude subway staff :/ #
  • 00:44 Pretended to be Russian #
  • 01:39 Had some fish and chipies :)~ #
  • 01:45 Airing damaged feet before a nightcap #
  • 04:04 On the spirits because struggling with beer. Good news is the next one is on the house (should bloody think so at these prices). #
  • 04:34 Neil Young - Down By The River playing on the jukebox and I'm back on the orange beer. Can't leave until midnight now can I :) #
  • 04:50 Best jukebox ever . Can download tracks for 2 credits. Foreigner-Jukebox Hero 2c. Pearl Jam-Alive 1c. YES-South Side Of The Sky 2c =$2 #
  • 04:58 I can really do some damage whit that jukebox. I know songs 20+ minutes long :) #
  • 05:00 I can really do some damage whit that jukebox. I know songs 20+ minutes long (mostly by Yes) :) Any requests? :) #
  • 05:04 The guy after me put Spin Doctors on. I might never leave this place :) #
  • 05:08 The Clash. They really don't want me to leave. I wonder if all New York jukeboxes are like this :) #
  • 05:12 James - Sit Down. Reminds me of my youth. The youth before youth even. People used to actually sit down :) #
  • 05:27 Another half Blue Moon ordered. Oh well I'm on me jollies :) #
  • 05:42 Dire Straits. Argh I'm never leaving :o #
  • 06:00 Ok i give up #
  • 16:51 Time to see other things but with the least walking possible (and maybe no alchhol) #
  • 17:24 I'm on Broadwaaaay. Back tonight for a show (or a gig) :) #
  • 18:10 Just jammed with the naked cowboy. We did a song called I'm the clothed Englishman :) #
  • 18:21 On a bus. My ankle likes it here. My face not so much as it's Bloody cold and windy though. #
  • 22:50 Woke too late today to do some things. Will have to wake early tomorrow to fit them in. Now it's pizza, a little rest, then a gig :) #
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