Boo Who? (baggy) wrote,
Boo Who?

Today's Twits

  • 03:57 Nice gig. 2.9 hours of southern blues rock. Now 5 to midnight but might still be time for a swift half :) #
  • 05:10 Fek it. In pub and playing some Led Zep, Dangerous Toys, Whitesnake, Yes and Tesla on the jukebox :) #
  • 05:17 Oh and some Nick Drake too, which if I was more tired would sadden me. Instead it's just nicely mellow after Whitesnake. Oh and Rush :) #
  • 16:56 Couldn't find tour bus so going back to Madhatten. The 20 minute ferry trip is nice though. #
  • 18:03 2pm ferry taking me to look up a tall chicks skirt #
  • 19:07 Me balls are killing me. The ones on my feet of course. Missed the Brooklyn tour but might make the uptown one for a rest. #
  • 20:28 Ferry was slow so having a snack at my local and then maybe shopping and tall building number 2 #
  • 21:14 It's not my fault that I get chatting to an Alice In Chains fan and have to have another beer :) #
  • 21:42 Me like Wild 'n' Out televisual programme show. It's like whose line is it anyway for rappers. #
  • 22:02 In Macys. Feel like Robin Williams in Moscow On The Hudson. #
  • 22:29 Ben & Jerry's Hot Fudge Sundae with Mint Choc Chunk :)~ #
  • 23:40 Tall building number 2. By the time thats done it should be time for a pub farewell and an early night (this time I mean it) #
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