Boo Who? (baggy) wrote,
Boo Who?

Today's Twits

  • 00:52 I've been right where King Kong's little toe was #
  • 01:20 My salad has oranges in it :o #
  • 11:25 Sitting in the first class lounge at the train station drinking free pop (because I dont like coffee) waiting for Bernard to call my name :) #
  • 12:09 Goodbye NY. I love you like a slice of cheesy meaty pizza but I know you're bad for me so I have to leave you. #
  • 12:31 First class train breakfast - Special K, melon, bagel, tea and OJ. Tally ho :) #
  • 13:13 I thought I had lost my ticket. Turns out someone attached it to the back of my seat. Ninja train staff at work. #
  • 16:52 In a train station in Boston Massachusets waiting for a train that leaves in 30 mins then heads west for 90 minutes. #
  • 18:49 Now in Fitchburg. Woo hoo! :) #
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