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Saturday March 21st NY

Soooo. I’ve been a busy boy then.

It started on Saturday when I woke at 3am after about 4 hours sleep to drive an hour to Birmingham airport.
The plane was a little late taking off as the lady pilot had forgot to defrost the plane. But we eventually got flying and a few hours later I was in Paris and then onto a larger plane to take me to JFK. There was a slight delay as we had to wait for luggage to be loaded (probably mine).

On the plane I got to watch 5.5 hours of movies (Ghost Town, Australia, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist) before I chopped me off with about 2 minutes to go on the last one.

It took about an hour to get off the plane and go through immigration, which was probably my own fault with me being one of the last off the plane. Someone had even removed my case from the carousel and placed it on the floor with a few others who were still undergoing questioning.

I got into a taxi that had Taxi TV in the back of it which included a map of exactly where I was. It was nice going over the bridge and seeing Manhattan looming before me. I’m glad I did the taxi rather than the cheaper subway.
I got to the hotel and though about having a nap but couldn’t do it. I did get enough rest to charge me for a 5 hour adventure.
So after breaking and fixing the shower and not finding the internet on my phone I went for a stroll. I didn’t go far but it was nice and I kept getting reminded of things set in New York like Ghostbusters II, Die Hard: With a Vengeance and Friends.

After buying a train ticket for Wednesday I decided to check out the local. The Molly Wee is an Irish pub and I got a stool at the end of the bar and settled down with one of my fave beers Blue Moon (it has orange peel and cinnamon in it).
The ice hockey that was playing just up the road was on the TV and most of the pub were keeping an eye on it as The Rangers skated to victory.
I got chatting to a couple who were next to me (Jenn & maybe Nick) and occasionally a few others including the bar staff. The couple were very nice and said I could stay at there’s next time, but then they might have been a bit drunk.
It had been a long day and I was probably a bit tips myself so went on a quest to find the English fish and chip shop a mile down the road. 2 hours later I was heading to bed after finding the shop closed, having my first ride on the subway, eating 2 slices of wonderful NY pizza and having to go to sleep with some headache pills as I think it had all taken a bit of a toll on me.
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