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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009 NY

I woke up a few times during the night until I remembered I still had my earplugs from the plane with me. They worked quite well and blocked out the noise from the city that never sleeps and doesn’t want me to either.
It was after midday when I finally got myself ready for a trek around Central Park (after some KFC -chicken snackers for breakfast).
I spent a good 6 hours in central park. Some of it walking around and checking out the views of inside the park and what you can see of the outside world from inside it.
My first stop was at an ice skating rink where for 10 minutes I sat down to watch the skaters under the shadow of the tall buildings while supping on a rather nice hot chocolate.
I continued walking in what I thought might be upwards anticlockwise around the park but somehow ended up on the left side and after watching a jazz band found myself at Strawberry fields. I must have been drawn there. I sat down to soak in the vibe and had to stay a bt longer once the 4-piece band sat at another bench started to play Beatle and John Lennon tunes. After We Can Work It Out I quickly left before anything else stopped me in my tracks.
As I walked upwards the place got more parky with people walking their dogs, having picnics, playing Frisbee and teaching their kids how to play baseball.
I must have walked for miles and miles and had hoped to walk all the way around but had to give up ¾ of the way up and go across to the other side and down again. Somewhere along that route my ankle decided to give up and walking became a little painful causing me to hobble. But I carried on and after a few more stops (including one for a hot dog) finally made it back to the start. I can imagine it being quite nice to ride through some bits of it in the horse drawn carriages but I thought it was better if you weren’t on your own when doing that. Next time maybe.

I then walked (hobbled) down to the Rockerfella Centre where I asked one of the guys outside who works for the building when sunset was and where the pubs were. After an hour at a pub I went up in the elevator with the glass ceiling to the Top Of The Rock. It was very cold and windy up there but I got a great view as the sun set and some nice pics (even with my old camera).

Then it was time to find the chip shop again. I got on a subway that didn’t quite go to where I wanted but I had a very interesting hobble around the lower parts of the city while tring to find out where the hell I was within it and look for any street names that said North on them.

But I eventually found what I was looking for and had some nice fish and chips. A little taste of home, not 100% like what I’m use to, but then again I go to a chip shop that’s a bit more posh than the standard ones. They were of course as expensive as some NY food is.

After popping to the hotel to give my poor aching feet and airing (I actually ran a little bath for them) I went to the pub.
Is was sometime before 9pm that I arrived at the pub and had a good few Blue Moons. It was still before midnight and the beer was getting heavy on me so I had a vodka and orange. The next drink was on the house so I decided to put some tunes on the best jukebox in the world. A jukebox that connects to a jukebox king somewhere so you can download tracks to it off various albums. Cue tracks by Neil Young, Foreigner, Pearl Jam, Yes (South Side Of The Sky) and then some that others put on including Spin Doctors, The Clash and James.
Sometime before midnight I said to the barman that I need another drink as I can’t leave before midnight. He said it was 20 to 1. Oops! It seems my watch had been wrong for 2 days. Good job I found out before train day.
Another half Blue Moon and some Dire Straits and my long night in the pub was done.
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