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Monday, March 23rd, 2009 NY

I got up late. Of course.

I was thinking of seeing some kind of Broadway musical (of the cheaper alternative kind) that night but the day before I saw an advert that a well known classic band were playing somewhere. So I took a subway journey and easily bound The Beacon Theatre near the top of Broadway and bought a ticket for that night.

1pm and I was walking with a slight limp towards Times Square. You can tell when you’re there as you’re blasted by the colourful lights of big screen moving adverts.
After sampling McDs I crossed the road, got out my mini harmonica and jammed with The Naked Cowboy as cars drove past and the tourists got out their cameras to get a video copy of him singing I’m the naked cowboy and me quipping in wit I’m the clothed Englishman. Elvis Presley was supposed to video us using my camera but he screwed it up :/

The hop-on-hop-off tour bus has 3 routes. I spent £10 over the daily fee for a 2 day pass and got on one that traveled the lower part of the city. I saw things like Times Square, Macys, Empire State, Flatiron building, Greenwich village, Soho, Chinatown, Little Italy before arriving at Battery Park where I got off with an intent to go to Liberty Island.
But when I got there I found that they stop doing the ferries some time after 3 and I would have to come back tomorrow.
So I had a little stroll (mainly because I couldn’t find the bus stop), had my first and last pretzel and then back on the bus through East Village, past Rockafella and onto central park.
It was also too late for any of the other bus tours so I got a slice of pizza, had a little rest and then made my way to Broadway to see
The Allman Brothers
Due to getting a ticket just that day I was right at the back of The Beacon Theatre, but it’s a concert hall sized venue so I could still make out the band members. There are plenty of band members including 2 drummers and a percussionist and Gregg Allman himself on vocals and organ. Sometimes he would leave the stage and let the band have the glory and over the nearly 3 hours playing time some songs I knew were played but also plenty of jam type songs with lengthy solos. It’s a pity I didn’t get to hear Jessica (the Top Gear theme) but with the band playing about 15 nights they probably change things round a bit.
On the whole it was a mellow pleasant gig and at least I can say I saw a band in NY :)

I was going to have just a light drink in the pub but I ended having a couple more as it was fairly empty so I put some tunes on including Led Zep, Dangerous Toys, Whitesnake, Yes, Tesla, Nick Drake, Whitesnake, Rush and chatted to whoever was around and the barman.
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