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Tuesday 31 – Went food shopping (also bought 3 T-shirts for £6) and went to see Knowing. It was an ok film. Well made by Alex Proyas and with Nicolas Cage doing his usual thing. After the arrival of certain characters I could see it going in one of 2 directions, which it did, and the ending while not a great surprise had a certain something about it. Except I though the mother character was being a bit too hysterical at one point, but then again I guess that could happen. I liked the brief but intense subway scene and thought it nicely coincidental that it was set in both Massachusetts and New York.

Wednesday 1 – Work. Very busy day.
Thursday 2 – Work. Busy but not as much as yesterday.
Friday 3 – Rest. Telly
Saturday 4 - BOOH
Sunday 5 – Went to the folks for dinner. Yorkshire puddings. Mmmm :)~
Monday 6 – Almost caught up with everything. Work tonight.
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