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After over 20 years Midge Ure is back with the rest of the band for a special reunion tour.
I’m a little too young to remember them in their heyday but certain songs have remained with me for many years and thought it would be good to see them played live by the original gang.

Warren Cann was mainly behind the main drum kit but on a few songs as sidelined to pressing the button on the computer that starts the electronic drum tracks.
Chris Cross played bass and backing keyboards and sometimes both at once.
Billy Currie was on keyboards and keyboards and on a few songs the violin which is something I never know about Ultravox.
Midge shifted from being on keyboards near the drumkit and up front with his guitar, and of course song great vocals.

Some songs for me were so so mainly because they were more electropop than the others, but I liked it most when real drums were being played and Midge had his guitar on. Fave tracks were Reap The Wild Wind, Sleepwalk, The Voice and the top 2 of Dancing With Tears In My Eyes and Vienna which is a somewhat simple song but very effective. The crowd of 40+ year olds went crazy.

They played for about 105 minutes and it was an enjoyable experience.
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