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Little Shop Of Horrors

A midweek trip to the theatre to see a musical like no other.
I knew of the story from the 1986 film which I liked enough to see how they could do it on the stage.
There were 3 sets used. The first being the street view with the entrance of the flower shop on the left. The other 2 were the inside the shop and the dentist’s room which were brought onto the stage by revolving them in from the sides.

The story began with the 3 girls (Greek chorus) setting the scene with their own song complete with American accents. As in the film these 3 would appear regularly especially when a song is being performed and backing vocals are required (which was very often).

The main character of Seymour was played by a theatre actor from Australia called Damian Humbley but the others were a little more well known. Audrey was Clare Buckfield (2.4 Children), Mushnik was Sylvester (Seventh Doctor Who) McCoy and the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello was played with great overthetopness by Alex Ferns (Little Mo’s evil Scottish husband Trevor in Eastenders) who also played a few extra parts (including one in drag).

As the story goes on I think the songs get better and better, especially when the Audrey II plant grows and gains a deep soulful voice and an appetite for blood. Apart from the humour the real attraction is the plant which was puppetered (?) well and was well designed. It was great to see someone actually get eaten alive by it :)

The ending was a little different to the film but I like it as it was more evil.
Overall an enjoyable production performed and engineered well.
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