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Ross Noble

Ross Noble is a crazy comedic man from the north of England.

It can be a little tough to describe his comedy shows as he tends to improvise nearly the entire act based on talking to the audience and responding to welcome hecklers.

For over 2 hours he strode about the stage, sometimes backwards, with a constant stream of surreal wit that went from topics such as Beyonce hitting a pig while on a treadmill, an elephant with humanitis, energy being created by Scottie dogs on shortbread and cocaine, and changing the way people think about Baby Gap from now on.

After the break his material came from the gifts that had been left for him on the stage before he returned to what might have been the only bit that he had prewritten.
No wonder some of his fans see him a few times each tour as it could be a very different and very odd experience each night. It was certainly a more entertaining one than I thought I was in for, although some people found it a lot more entertaining than me as they seemed to laugh at every single thing. Am I missing something or were they more drunk than me?

I like this that I found on Wiki (and that he mentioned last night):-
Ross performed at the 2008 Latitude Festival and rounded off his set by leading everyone in the tent in a huge conga line (which quickly turned into a stampede) to a vegan food stand so they could all ask for pies and sausage roll.

Busy busy busy
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