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I went to see Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel at the cinema today.
It stars the Irish guy from IT Crowd, the Manc guy with the blonde haired wife from the first few series of Shameless, and some guy who had a rubbish sketch show. They are joined on occasion by Hollywood’s own Anna Farris who adds a touch of femaleness to this very nerdy film.

It centers around the 3 guys who find a time leak in their pub toilets which leads them into a future that they really don’t want to happen. So begins a few more travels as the film tries to tidy up all the events.

It was a short film but was filled with plenty of amusing moments and had a nice look about it (but then it was almost entirely set in the pub). A film made by geeks for geeks and probably starring geeks to. Nice Back To The Future reference in the loos too. Entertaining :)
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