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It’s been rather lovely ;)

Best CD of recent times purchased
Abramis Brama - Live!
Crucified Barbara - Til Death Do Us Party
Ben Folds - Way To Normal
Hysterica – Metal War
Neal Morse - Sola Scriptura
Ted Poley – Smile
Poley/Rivera – Only Human
Queensrÿche - American Soldier
The Quireboys - Homewreckers & Heartbreakers
Sevendust - Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow
Stormzone - Caught In The Act
Uriah Heep - Wake The Sleeper

I like the Sevendust album and Neal Morse - Sola Scriptura is another example on how to make an excellent prog album. But Hysterica – Metal War has 5 female warriors from Stockholm who like leather, whips and swords and sound like a cross between Manowar and Iron Maiden. Love it.

Best CD from ages past purchased
City Boy - It's Personal
Queen - II
Even though they could be classed as a nu metal band I like Sevendust – Animosity (2001). It often sounds like a metal band (with touches of hard melodic rock) but with Terrence Trent Derby singing

Best best of CD purchased
Joe Brown - Very Best Of
The Outlaws – Green Grass and High Tides
Dan Reed Network – The Collection
John Waite – The Essential
ZZ Top – The Very Best Of

Lovin’ The Outlaws and Dan Reed Network but John Waite – The Essential has a little more class about it including the song Missing You.

Gig of the Month
Steve Stienman - Bat Out Of Hell The Symphony
The Erotics
David Byrne
Little Shop Of Horrors
Austrialian Pink Floyd
Ross Noble
Derren Brown

Best theatre - Little Shop Of Horrors
Best comedy - Ross Noble
Best trickery - Derren Brown
Best music - Austrialian Pink Floyd – The Wall

Cinema film of the Month
Knowing and A Haunting In Connecticut was ok but Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel will be remembered for longer.

Film on TV
The Man Who Would Be King
In Bruges
The Oxford Murders
Over Her Dead Body
The Game Plan
Three And Out
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
The Spiderwick Chronicles
The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns

I enjoyed The Spiderwick Chronicles which as usual for a kids film was more entertaining than some adult films. But In Bruges was darkly wonderful.

Rewatched Film on TV
A grew up on Hayyhausen films like Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger but Crank is very entertaining and a bit faster.

Best DVD bought

DVD watched
Prom Night
Lions For Lambs
Last house On The Left (1972)
Dead & Dying
Little Miss Sunshine
Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Suburban Mayhem
Disaster Movie

Little Miss Sunshine was quite charming, Wolverine was finished properly but 80s sick film

Book read
I should probably just throw them all away.

Top purchase
The chicken fillets I cooked for Kel

May has only 12 days at work, 5 normal gigs and a 1.5 day gig including 2 nights in a hotel with Kel :)
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