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SRF & ZR +

CDs bought because of SRF Z Rock and others

Abramis Brama - Live! - A band with a one handed singer (and one hook) (2007)
Blackfoot –Greatest Hits - Southern rock
Crucified Barbara - Til Death Do Us Party - 4 Swedish chicks who can play
Lita Ford - Out for Blood 1983
Lita Ford - Dancin' on the Edge 1984
Lita Ford - Stiletto 1990
Lita Ford - Dangerous Curves 1991 Albums from the British born ex-Runaways guitarist
The Georgia Satellites - Let It Rock: Best Of - Famous for the song Battleship Chains
H.E.A.T. - - Young Swedish rock band
Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know - Dio, Iommi, Butler, Appice
Hot Leg - Red Light Fever - Justin Hawkins new lot
Hysterica – Metal War - 5 leather clad Swedish ladies that ROCK!
Kebnekajse - Kebnekajse - Electric folk in Swedish
Neal Morse - Sola Scriptura (2007)
Neal Morse -? Live ( 2007)
Neal Morse - Lifeline (2008) – Prog from the ex-Spock’s Beard man bu with religious undertones.
Tim Ripper Owens - Play My Game - new one from the ex Judas Priest vocalist
The Outlaws – Green Grass and High Tides - Southern rock
Sevendust – Animosity 2001
Sevendust - Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow 2008 - Nu metal but with good vocals that sound a bit like Terrence Trent Derby.
Seventh Wonder - Become 2005
Seventh Wonder - Waiting In The Wings 2006
Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls 2008 – Prog metal.
Uriah Heep - Wake The Sleeper 2008 – 21st album from a band that’s been going for 40 years
Thor - Keep the Dogs Away
Thor - Into The Noise - Classic 80s metal from Canada
Johnny Winter – The Best Of - Blues from Edgars albino brother
ZZ Top - Greatest Hits - Beard Beard Mr Beard

Angel House – World On Fire
Steve Grimmett Band - PersonaCrisis
Newman – Heaven Knows
Ted Poley – Smile - Danger Danger frontman
Poley/Rivera – Only Human
Dan Reed Network – The Collection
Stampede - Hurricane Town (1983)
Stormzone - Caught In The Act
Von Groove – Seventh Day
John Waite – The Essential - Includes Missing You

Stratovarious – Polaris - Finnish keyboard power metal.
Firewind – The Premonition - Greek keyboard power metal
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