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Tina Turner

I was supposed to see Tina a month ago but she was a little ill so it was postponed to last night. It was at Sheffield Arena but I got there with no worry as I know the secret car park.

The stage was covered in a red curtain and when it was time for the show it opened to reveal Tina on a small platform 10 foot high. It descended and she began the first half with Steamy Windows.

She had a typical band with her and 2 backing singers and 4 foxy dancers who were there 80% of the time.

For a 69 year old she looked great and sounded great too. I don’t know what it is that brought her out of retirement but I’m thinking it was a desire to get out in front of an audience again (and earn a few bob in the process).

The songs ranged from the old stuff to some more recent stuff but did focus on the songs the fans wanted to hear such as River Deep Mountain High and Better Be Good To Me.

For the first costume change and set movement Tina emerged from between a split back screen with a flowing red outfit which in true Tina fashion turned into a short red dress.
After some The Who songs (Won’t Get Fooled Again / Acid Queen) and What’s Love Got To Do With It Tina and her girls got a bit saucy with the Mark Knopfler tune Private Dancer.

Earlier on in the gig there was a stage scuffle between a couple of invaders and 2 security men, all who knew choreographed king-fu. Before the last song of the first half they were back in Australian post-apocalyptic action costumes in a cage, or perhaps part of a Thunderdome. Yes, it was time for We Don’t Need Another Hero from one of my fave Mel Gibson films Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Tina appeared in her outfit she wore for her part in the film and once again rode the platform, this time going up to the top of the cage/dome. A great ending to the first half.

After reading my rock magazine for 30 minutes while watching women queue for the women’s toilets, the disabled toilets and the men’s toilets (there was a lot of women there) it was time for part 2.

This time the curtains rose to most of the band seated near the front wielding acoustic guitars for a few softer numbers starting off with a great version of Help. To balance things out a couple of Rolling Stones tunes were played later on.

The ninja people then took on the role of spies as a big golden circular object was formed at the back of the stage and an iris opened to reveal Tina in another costume change and a bit of stage mechanics as what was once flat was shifted to become stairs for her to walk down for Golden Eye.

One song that was definitely going to be played was The Best, although ironically not one of my faves. The middle aged women loved it though. Afterwards Tina spent a good amount of time naming and thanking the band including 1 of the dancers who was from Sheffield.

An energetic Proud Mary began the final trio. During Nutbush City Limits Tina got into a little bared off section which with the help of some more fancy staging rose over the crowd. The most impressive bit was when with no safety equipment and some high heels she trotted back along the arm of the crane and then back again. Good job the crowd love her as 1 rogue projectile could have floored her.

Be Tender With Me Baby ended over 2 hours of fine music from The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll whose 50th Anniversary Tour has given 1000’s of people one last chance to see a musical legend.

Set list:
Steamy Windows
Typical Male
River Deep, Mountain High
What You Get Is What You See
Better Be Good To Me
Won’t Get Fooled Again / Acid Queen
What’s Love Got To Do With It
Private Dancer
We Don’t Need Another Hero

Let’s Stay Together
Undercover Agent For The Blues
I Can’t Stand The Rain
Jumpin’ Jack Flash / It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
Golden Eye
Addicted to Love
The Best
Proud Mary
Nutbush City Limits
Be Tender With Me Baby
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