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Fab weekend

K came up on Friday night and we had half a pizza and some chicken nuggets for tea.

Saturday we had half a pizza and chicken nuggets for dinner (sounds like my kind of girl) and then in the evening we had guests over who we cooked a nice meal of salmon, tatties and veg with a marie rose sauce and they brought the wine and the muffins. I added my own wine and we chatted and played ‘Scene It ‘games until after midnight. A nice night.

On Sunday I was treated to scrambled eggs and bacon in tiger bread and then in the early afternoon we went to Wollaton Park. It’s about a 15 minute drive from my house and has a 16th century mansion within its 500 acre parklands that is also the home to many deer.
We had a nice walk around the park and also visited the small industrial museum and the animal based exhibits within the house itself, including George the gorilla.
By then it was late afternoon so it was back to mine for some chinese food :)
A very good weekend ;D

Today I slept for about 5 hours then did 12 hours work :/

PICS -->
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