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The ticket said doors at 19:00 so I thought that the first of the 3 bands would be on by 20 past. But it seems that they came on at 18:45 so I missed them. But something tells me that I’ll be seeing the European band with American vocalist Eden’s Curse again sometime. Their youtube videos have already got me into them.

Firewind were next up. They are a melodic power metal band Greece.
It seems that over the last 11 years and 6 albums they’ve had many line ups all with guitarist Gus keeping the flame. Their latest album The Premonition sees them keeping the same line up as the previous one to make an album which is quite good indeed.
Their 45 minute set consisted half of tracks from their past albums and half from the new one. A good mix although what with owning only the newest one I have got a few faves that weren’t played. Mercenary Man and their cover of Maniac (from the film Flashdance) were good highlights though.

Set list (probably)
Head Up High
Destination Forever
Angels Forgive Me
Mercenary Man
Days of No Trust (new song)
I Am The Anger
Falling To Peices

Stratovarius have been around for a while and have also gone through a few member changes (15) and albums (12) in their 20 years.
I’ve been following them for the last 10 or so years so jumped at the chance to see them.
One big change for this tour is that founding member guitarist Timo Tolkki has left the band. But they got a new young guy in who can shred just as good.
I think the genre of power metal doesn’t fully describe a band like this as they also have elements of neo-classical thanks to the keyboards of Jens Johansson who first proved himself on the classic Yngwie Malsteen albums. They also have bit of classic 80s melodic metal about them thanks to the voice of Timo Kotipelto. It was said that Timo was ill last night but I didn’t really notice any badness in his voice, maybe next time it will be even better and I’ll notice.
The band have a new album out in a couple of days but they only played 2 songs from it with the others coming from 1997 onwards. They only played for 70 minutes but what with 2 support bands I expected it. Although Timo did say that if they return they promise to do a longer set.
Good stuff.

Set list
Hunting High and Low
Speed of Light
The Kiss of Judas
Higher We Go (new)
A Million Light Years Away
Forever Free
Winter Skies (new)

? Black Sunday?
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