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Le weekend

Fri – Worked a 12 hour day

Sat 23rd– Worked 6 hours and then had a little bit of a kip before driving to Burntwood, Staffordshire (1 hour).
I picked K up and then drove another 30 minutes to Wolverhampton. We checked into a hotel we got a half the price it should have been (a late deal non refundable thing) and then made our way to The Civic to see

Bob Catley.
The gig was actually in the back bar. It was an acoustic evening so there were some seats and tables near the front. There couldn’t have been more than 100 people there and 2 of them were actually related to Bob (his Mum & sister I think).
To open up were 2 of the guys from Lost Weekend. The vocalist had a strong voice and it was a good 30+ minutes. Looking forward to a full electric set from them in October
On guitar duties for Bob Catley was Vinnie Burns from Dare. They even played a Dare song, but most of the others came from Bob’s solo albums. It would have been nice to here him do some Magnum tunes acoustically but what with a full tour coming up in November he probably wanted to give his solo stuff a work out.
But it was a really nice 80+ minutes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Afterwards we went to a rock pub called The Gifford Arms. It has a DJ but the classic rock doesn’t start playing till 11pm so K made me quickly drink a pint before we went on the hunt for pizza. Then it was back to the pub for a couple of hours of rock music, some of which I actually danced too (or pretend dancing). There was one guy on the floor who had 2 crutches and was using one to keep him upright and the other as a guitar. Now that’s rock and roll :)
Once back at the hotel the list got stuck between the 2nd and 3rd floors. Only for a minute or 2 though. But once it was working again it went back down and we got out and used the stairs. It could have almost ended up an exciting claustrophobic adventure.

Sun – Woke up and checked out the hotel. Walked over the road to the Wetherspoons and had a fried breakie. Nice!
Then it was a short drive to the cinema where we were 2 of 4 people watching the midday showing of Angels & Demons</b>. it was entertaining enough. Plenty of running round. A kind of a mix between India Jones, Die Hard (3) and some Monty Python religious sketches.
It was then time for something scary. I met some of K’s family and stayed for Sunday dinner. I had chicken and beef and apple crumble with ice cream, and I think Ks Mum said I was nice. But then I was being polite. Next time I’ll raise hell ;P

Mon – K and I travelled to Rotherham (1 hour) see go and see a 2 month old baby that belongs to her friend. After a few hours of cooing we went back south and had a McD and a rest before another scary bit. For the evening meal we drove my folks to a nearby pub where we all had steaks. The service was bad but the food was quite good. Everybody seemed to get along ok which is a good thing :)

Tues – K left for work and I stayed in bed another hour until there was a knock at the door. It was the delivery of ROCK BAND that I got cheap off ebay :) I didn’t get to play it till later on though as I was waiting for the delivery of AC/DC rock band game which took an hour of my life later on :)
During the day I watched some telly, tidied up a bit and went to the pub for a chicken burger and chips. Nice :)

Today – Back to work
Tomorrow – Work
Fri to Sun – More elsewhere fun :)
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