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Rock me to Hell

Ok I best try and make this quick as I’m super busy (I might add to it tomorrow)

Friday 29th
Drove down to K’s where I parked my car for the weekend.
She drove us and her brother to Dudley where Kel & I checked into The Station Hotel and then the of us went over the road for the first day of Z ROCK 2009.
REDLINE – Not bad
STAMPEDE – Better. I quite like the album I have of theirs. It’s been over 20 years since they played but these old rockers can still do well.
STEVE GRIMMETT – Everything stepped up a notch as Steve and band did a great set. There was a few sound problems on the mike, but we were near the front so it wasn’t too bad. Better than a couple of years ago still.
WIG WAM – This was the 3rd time I’ve seen them and was just as good as the revous gigs. They have a bit f 70s glam about them and even did a cover of Ballroom Blitz. These Norweigans know how to entertain. I got my pic taken with the red latex covered lead vocalist after :)

After the bands Ks bro got picked up and taken home and we went back to the hotel…

Saturday 30th
Fried breakie :)
CORNERSTONE – Bit like Blondie
H.A.R.D – More rocking. Singer from Hungry.
NEWMAN – The smoothest band yet. Good clean voals. Good songs. Good set.
EDEN – Seen them before so K & I and Ks DJ friend and his girl went for a meal at a pub (€chicken burger).
DAN REED – A really nice solo acoustic set from this pleasant man/legend.
VON GROOVE – Canadian front man with a good voice. Enjoyable set. We were down the front for this and then on.
TED POLEY – The singer from Danger Danger with guitarist friend Vic Rivera. Nice set including the best of DD and some nice stuff from their collaboration album.
JOHN WAITE – From The Babys to bad English and a solo career. A marvelous 90 minutes including Missing You. His band were really good, really rocking.

It was 2am when it ended so it was back to the haunted hotel.

Sunday 31st
Another fried beakie then to the cinema to see Drag Me To Hell. it might only be a 15 certificate but this doesn’t need gore to scare just high tension and some nice jumpy shocks and some gross out scenes. It being a Sam Raimi written and directed film helps. You could see some of his old Evil Dead ways coming into it in places and the gross out scenes were as funny as in those classic films of his. Yeah it has a few faults but overall I really enjoyed it. I nearly hid behind my water bottle a few times :o

Then back to Ks where I ate BBQ with her family who I met before and also her sister and her sister boyfriend who she recently met on :)

Then a drive back (M50) and home to washing and packing my case for the next adventure :o
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