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May was good :) I can’t quite remember what I did as my mind has been taken over :o

Best CD of recent times purchased
Angel House – World On Fire
Steve Grimmett Band - Personal Crisis
Hot Leg - Red Light Fever
Neal Morse -? Live
Neal Morse - Lifeline
Tim Ripper Owens - Play My Game
Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls
Thor – Into The Noise
Firewind – The Premonition

Nice ones from Firewind & Seventh Wonder but once again while not as instantly good as the previous couple Neal Morse - Lifeline does a good mix of prog and melodic songs once again.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Lita Ford - Out for Blood / Dancin' on the Edge / Stiletto / Dangerous Curves
Newman – Heaven Knows
Sevendust – Animosity
Seventh Wonder - Become
Stampede - Hurricane Town
Von Groove – Seventh Day

Nice melodic stuff from Newman & Von Groove. Sevendust have a good mix of nu(ish)-metal and hard melodic rock. But Sweden’s Seventh Wonder - Become from 2005 has a good progressive edge to it.

Best best of CD purchased
Blackfoot – Greatest Hits
The Georgia Satellites - Let It Rock: Best Of
Johnny Winter – The Best Of

All quite similar in ways but The Georgia Satellites - Let It Rock: Best Of has Battleship Chains and Keep Your Hands To Yourself on it.

Gig of the Month
Tina Turner
Bob Catley
Z Rock (John Waite / Wig Wam / Dan Reed / Ted Poley / Von Groove / Newman / Steve Grimmett)

Tina Turner because she’s a legend.

Cinema film of the Month
Angels & Demons was a cross between Indiana Jones & Die hard.
Drag Me To Hell was Sam Raimi back to his scary horror best.
Star Trek XI was a big budget success.

Film on TV
Wilderness - Sean Pertwee leads a group of youth criminals on a trip but they become hunted by a mysterious figure.

Rewatched Film on TV

Best DVD bought

DVD watched
Fast and Furious
Rock School
It’s A Boy Girl Thing
My Bloody Valentine
The Heartbreak Kid
Five Fingers
Frankie Boyle: Live
The Notorious Bettie Page
Angels & Demons –
Star Trek XI

The Heartbreak Kid was funnier than I thought it might be.
Angels & Demons was actually ok
Anvil was a lot better than I thought it might be. Quite heart warming in fact.
Star Trek XI was a big budget success.

DVD rewatched
The Forbidden Kingdom - Jackie Chan & Jet Li in Monkey based kung-fu film. Nice stuff.

Book read
I might take something with me for the hotel before SRF.

Top purchase
Apples To Apples card game will hopefully be great fun.
AC/DC @ Donnigton 1991 Rock Band game is fun to play on my ROCK BAND instruments \M/

June has only 10 days at work, 6 gigs (1 of which is a 4day event abroad, one which is an all day event) :o
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