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Drove 2 hours south to Abingdon (Oxford) where I checked into a Premier Inn and had a nice mixed grill in the restaurant with Dave and his wife. I ate far too much but did have some ice cream after :)

Got up and checked out of the hotel for 9am. Then picked up Dave and drove 40 minutes or so West where I left my car at Iain’s folks house and the 3 of us got a lift an hour or so East to Heathrow Airport.
Once there we used the fast bag drop as the day before we had printed off our check in slips at home.
We were soon into the shopping area and I ate some fish and chips at one of the restaurants, even though I wasn’t really hungry.
At mid afternoon we were on the plane and heading to Copenhagen.
Earlier that morning K had been getting on her own flight at another airport. So when we got to Copenhagen she had already been waiting 7 hours :o
We then all travelled together on the usual 2.5 hour train and then a short but expensive taxi ride to the hotel. It was after 9pm but they were still serving food so I had a really nice burger and really expensive beer.
It couldn’t have been much later than midnight when we decided it was too nippy to stay outside and headed for our rooms. The place where I normally keep my chargers had been taken over by women’s products, but I didn’t mind :)
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