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The first of the 4 days is a more chilled out day with only half the festival site open and a third of the people attending.

We got there with a couple of hours left to wander the stalls and be some of the first to get through into the stage areas. But before that while we sat on park benches we were treated to a little downpour. We managed to get shelter at the food stalls and watch the first real rain I’ve seen there since 2004. But by the time the bands came on everything had dried up in that Swedishy weather type of way.

I can’t quite remember seeing Tracenine or Innocent Rosie but I will certainly remember the first good band.

It was Hysterica - 5 Swedish ladies who are a cross between Manowar and Iron Maiden who play songs about metal related topics while wearing black leather. The vocalist (the only non-blonde) had the most interesting costume of leather (under)pants and chaps. Oh they actually played well too I thought. It’s a pity it was in the tent as otherwise I might have got some better pics. Next time maybe (and there will be a next time).

Sevendust are American and their albums are a bit nu-metal and a bit melodic rock. But for their hour they seemed to concentrate on the louder stuff. This was ok but I would have liked more of a mix. I’ll still buy the albums though and see them if they were nearby.

Then it was back to the tent for melodic rock band Covered Call from Sweden. They were pretty good. I will put them on my to buy list.

Headlining the smaller of the 2 mains stages for that day was Britain’s own Blaze Bayley who played a nice metal set consisting of material from his solo albums plus one from his Maiden years (The Clansman). He’s not got the best voice but he does have a presence and does his job well.

It’s been a while since Uriah Heep have done an album and I quite like what they recently produced. It’s a good job I do as they played a fair bit of it. There were a few problems with the sound to begin with but it was soon sorted out for a decent set from this 40 year old band.

Then it was back home, with a detour. The buses to and from the festival and hotel were operated by a different company this year. So instead of a bearded man who charges you 30 SEK (£3) there are women drivers who charge you £6 and on this first trip back go on a bit of a detour.
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