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In past years the 1130 bus used to get quite full so I went on the 1030 bus. But this year the first bus is 1110 which seemed like a bit of a gamble. But the taxi firm were doing trips to the festival for £30 which is only £6 more than 4 of us would have to pay on the bus. So each day we got a nice ride with our rucksacks in the boot instead of balanced on our laps.

Rage were first up. A German heavy metal band who have been going for over 20 years. Not too bad.

Dan Baird was the first on the main stage. Rock with a bit of country. He played Keep Your Hands To Yourself but not Battleship Chains. It was good to chill out to though.
1500-1600: The Outlaws - Southern rock. I love their best of album and enjoyed them live also. I had to miss 10 minutes of the next band in order to listen to Green Grass & High Tides played in its entirety (10 mins) while drumming with a plastic bottle on my leg.

Kel had already wandered off to see the start of H.E.A.T. so I found her and settled in for some classic AOR from this young Swedish band who know how to write good riffs, melodies and perform them well live. I’m looking forward to a repeat viewing in October.

There was then a break while the stage got prepared for Tyketto. I’ve already seen them once this year but it’s always good to see them (or him, Mr Vaughn) again.

I’ve never seen ZZ Top so this was a good one for me. Although they did clash with another band so I had to leave them for 30 minutes in the middle. But I am seeing them this Sunday so that’s ok. They played songs covering their 40 years but the best ones were those from the classic 80s era like Legs, Gimme All Your Lovin’ Sharp Dressed Man etc. Really nice.

Seventh Wonder are a Swedish progressive rock band. I like their albums a little more than live but it was still worth seeing them. Maybe the tent subdued their sound a little.

It was then time for one of the highlights. Over The Rainbow consists of ex-Rainbow members including Joe Lynn Turner on vocals and on guitar is Jurgen Blackmore the 45 year old son of Ritchie. The set included songs from across the various Rainbow vocalists with Joe Lynn Turner handling each song with ease. Yeah it didn’t sound exactly like the originals (There’s only one Dio) but it was still pretty damn good.
Set list was probably something like:
Tarot Woman
Kill The King
Street Of Dreams
Man On The Silver Mountain
Death Alley Driver
Eyes Of The World
Wolf To The Moon
Jealous Lover
Can't Happen Here
Drum Solo
Long Live Rock'n'Roll
I Surrender
Since You've Been Gone
All Night Long

Twisted Sister were the headliners but I had already had my headliner for the day. It’s been 25 years since The Sister released Stay Hungry so they decided to play the album in its entirety in track order. We got as far as The Price before we decided to call it a night. At least I got We’re Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock.
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