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I intended to give Thor a bit of a viewing if there was a lull in the set of Neal Morse or if he played a Spock’s Beard song. But there was no lull and I couldn’t drag myself away from the progmaster. Most songs came from his solo albums and were the heaviest and least religious of the songs available. At one point there was a touching moment when he did a duet with his young son who had a nice voice but maybe could have smiled a little bit. But the best bits of all were when firstly Pete Trewavas (Marillion bassist) joined him on the song We All Need Some Light from the supergroup Transatlantic that he was with Neal in. But then there was a better surprise when another of the Transatlantic team joined in and it was non other than Dream Theatre drummer Mike Portnoy. He only did some light easy drumming but if was cool nonetheless. Mike also popped back later in the set to add some vocals to one song. Really nice, and K liked it too.

We then chilled out for Jon Oliva's Pain. The chill mostly came from the weather though as it got quite cold and a little bit rainy so retreated to the big tent in the middle of the main field. A shame as Jon sounded good and it would have been nice to see the band a little more.

I then briefly escaped to the smaller tent to see operatic female fronted band Amberian Dawn from Finland. They were young and full of energy for that small stage and not too bad at all. I think the lady vocalist could easily fit into a washing machine.

Lita Ford is back. Now aged 50 but looking good and still able to play those songs from the 8s and early 90s.

It was shortly into Kamelot’s set that it started to really piss it down. But we had our big SRF rain mac things so could just about cope. Despite the rain they put in a really good performance.

Then the rain stopped. Just in time for possibly the highlight of the festival. Lou Gramm is no longer in Foreigner but they have one hell of a new front man Kelly Hansen who with Mick Jones and the rest of the band (including Jeff Pilson on bass) went through classics such as Feels Like the First Time, Cold as Ice, Dirty White Boy, Urgent, Juke Box Hero and ended with the most lovely I Want to Know What Love Is and Hot Blooded. An absolutely fantastic 90 minutes.

Even though it was before 11pm we were about ready to end the day. So I caught a little of Abramis Brama who were a Swedish band who sang in Swedish and had a vocalist who only had one hand. It sounded good but I needed to catch some of albino bluesman Johnny Winter before heading back to the hotel.
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