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After the heavy rain the day before we hoped to get some nicer weather. Luckily we got a good bit of sun for the most part of the day. It felt like it was actually the first day because that’s what we’re used to normally.

I sat down on my own for some good metal from Ripper Owens before joining the rest of the gang in watching Tank now fronted by ex-Rainbow/Malmsteen vocalist Doogie White. Pretty good they were too although it ended too soon.

I had caught up with K again and settled down in the big field for some good guitaring and vocals from Impellitteri & Rob Rock.

The sun was being friendlier for southern rock band Blackfoot. It was good mellow stuff, so good that I kept almost dropping off.

I perked up a bit for Riot who were good but not as good as what came next.

I’ve seen Journey recently with their new vocalist so knew it would be a good show and they didn’t disappoint. Almost all the classics were there including Wheel In The Sky, Faithfully, Any Way You Want It, Separate Ways, Lights, Open Arms, Chain Reaction, Message Of Love, Stone In Love, Be Good To Yourself and of course Don't Stop Believin'. They ended with Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'. The only thing missing was Mother, Father but that’s ok.

I saw Goda Grannar the first year I went and vowed to give them another viewing this time. They are basically 6 middle aged men wearing silly hats and doing cheeky covers of classic rocks songs. Entertaining.

I’ll be seeing Electric Boys next month so sat back to watch them. I really like their albums and enjoyed singing along to the songs from afar.

As soon as possible I left everyone in order to secure my position for Dream Theater. It had been a couple of years since I last saw them and I like the new album so myself up at the front for 90 minutes of progressive music.
I thought they would play more from their new album but then what with it not being actually officially out yet and them only having 90 minutes it makes sense that they only played one of the shorter tracks - A Rite Of Passage (8:35).
There were only a couple more tracks that could be considered fairly new with the rest pleasingly coming from their 90s material including 3 from Awake. A pretty good set list I thought. It’s a pity I can’t make the next 2 UK headlining shows but it will be interesting to see what they do with their 50 minutes on Sunday.
Set list:-
In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 1
Beyond This Life
A Rite Of Passage
Hollow Years (Improv. Jam)
Caught In A Web
Solitary Shell
Constant Motion

I then met up again with the gang briefly for the end of Hot Leg before getting ready for some Europe. By this time I was really cold and tired but had to stay both for K and for the chance to finally get to hear The Final Countdown performed live.

When Heaven & Hell started I was really ready to leave but said I would stay for as long as K wanted. Lucky for me after half the set we decided that we had seen enough. So we might not have witnessed the songs Heaven & Hell and Neon Knights but we got those last time so I wasn’t too bothered. We did get Mob Rules, Children of the Sea, I, Bible Black, Time Machine and a drum solo which was the catalyst for our leaving.

So this year had been very different. Different company, different weather, different way of doing things (like sitting down on a seat). But once again it was an enjoyable experience and I will hopefully be back next year. I just wish the hotel wouldn’t keep getting more expensive, mind you I get to share the cost now :)

Pics are on facebook :p
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