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Just The Tonic

Celebrating 15 years of comedy shows in Nottingham. They usually organise comedy nights at a smaller venue in town. But once in a while they get together a good few well known funny people and sell out the larger concert hall.

One of the main reasons why I was going to this was for Stewart Lee but he couldn’t make it. But I wasn’t too downhearted when I found out that the night would be compared by Daniel Kitson.

Daniel is completely loopy. A total geek with wild facial growth and a stutter. Between each act he came on and talked to the audience with varying results of hilarity. But for someone pretty much winging it with barely any real jokes prepared he was memorable.

Sean Lock – Mostly known for being on 8 Out Of 10 Cats but I also liked his 15 Storey’s High sitcom. Slightly surreal but well thought out comedy.

Josie Long – Did one slightly good gag about Bill Oddie in French but on he whole fell quite flat.

Tim Vine – A stream of constant one liners. Some are really old jokes but still funny. The amazing thing is how he remembers them all. Best moment was when he got a puppet and asked what it had been doing recently and the puppet said ventriloquism and got a puppet of its own. Then that puppet was asked and it also said ventriloquism and got a puppet of its own, and so on until there were about 5 of them in all, none of them actually very good at ventriloquism.
Later on he spent 4 minutes trying to throw a pen behind his ear. Comedy is odd nowdays, but if it works it works and Tim ended being the highlight.

Gavin ? - A young man with a guitar who sang a couple of songs with comedy undertones, one about being over 30 which Kel kept laughing at and nudging me (the song was funny because it’s true).

Ed Byrne – Irish comedian with a sharp wit. Seen him a few times now, always entertaining.

Daniel Kitson ended over 3 hours of comedians. Not everything worked but for that long and £20 we couldn’t complain.
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