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Download Day 3

Usually the Download Festival (now a 3 day rock festival at the old legendary Monsters Of Rock site) clashes with the Sweden Rock Festival or the bands on it don’t appeal to me. But this year most of the bands on the main stage on the Sunday were old farty bands and they sold single day tickets to the old farty people who wanted to see them.

So in the morning I gathered the same crew that I was with in Sweden (Kel, Dave, Iain) and headed for Donington.

It seems that the weather must have swapped with what we should have had in Sweden as it was warm and sunny all day, enough to give me a pinky nose and a few other bits.
We found a good place to park our chairs and after an hour or so were joined by 10s of 1000s of others. In Sweden there are less than half the number of people and moving around is easier, but here it was best for us to stay where we were. It was a good job we bought a packed lunch with us, although the food while pricey didn’t seem that bad.

At 11am the first of the bands started on the main stage.

STONE GODS – Featuring the ex-guitarist from The Darkness and also the bassist who replaced the original bassist on vocals. There was some definite Thin Lizzy influence in the guitars and their 25 minutes was a good start.

TESLA – After seeing them do a brilliant 90 minute set in Sweden last year it was odd only getting 30 minutes. I really enjoyed them still though.

SKIN – It has been a long long time since I last saw this Welsh band. The big hair is now reduced but the songs are still little gems of catchy melodic rock. They too only did 30 minutes but I’m hoping they are back for a little while and might just attempt to fill some of the whole Thunder will leave.

BLACK STONE CHERRY – An American hard rock band who did 40 minutes. Not entirely my thing but musically decent.

JOURNEY – The third time I’ve seen them with the new guy on vocals and still very good. It would have been good to get another 30 minutes or so but 45 was good enough to include a fair chunk of the classics.

DREAM THEATER – 50 minutes isn’t enough for these guys. The 90 minutes I got last week isn’t even enough. But I loved getting to see them again.
Remarkably they started with Pull Me Under before selecting a few more from the set they played last week
Pull Me Under
A Rite Of Passage
Hollow Years
Constant Motion

ZZ TOP – Another band I saw some of in Sweden. They played for 70 minutes and were cool with their old blues numbers and their more famous 80s hits. I liked their white furry guitars :)

WHITESNAKE – A proper 90 minute set even if it does have a few lengthy drum and guitar solos in it. Good tunes between the give Coverdale’s voice a break bits.

DEF LEPPARD – I’ve already seen Def Leppard 3 times in the last year as had the rest of the gang. So we stayed for a few and then made our way back to the car and the crazy one way detour through Ashby-De-la-Zouch back to the motorway.

Other best bits included the ham, salami and cheese cobs Kel made for the day and the Vimto flavoured ice sticks (like a Callipo) which were pricey but nicey :)~

It was my first Donington in 13 years. Will I be back. Dunno depends on clashes as Sweden Rock is now my prime festival home :)
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