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First up was Doghouse. A film directed byt Jake West who is best known for his cheeky cheesy British horror films. This is probably his most mainstream one to date. It stars Danny Dyer & Noel Clarke along with a few other actors who play a gang of guys who head off to a sleepy secluded town in search of beer but find themselves being attacked by crazy zombie cannibal women.
There’s plenty of comedy and horror mixed together like in Shaun Of The Dead and while not as good as that film it’s far superior to Lesbian Vampire Killers. Enjoyable fun. The only downside was that Emily Booth had too much scary zombie mutant make up on.

Then it was time for a film that definitely needed to be watched at the cinema.
Terminator Salvation is of course full of big budget action. But that alone can’t make a good film. Even though Christian Bale is given top billing the film is more about a new character called Marcus Wright played by and Australian by the name of Sam Worthington. I think after this more action offers will be on the table for him. There’s something said for casting relatively unknowns as another character was played by Anton Yelchin and so I couldn’t get Chekov out of my mind for a little while.
The plot perhaps wasn’t perfect but I still enjoyed the film and will be wondering what will happen next in the Terminator series.
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