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Support came from Lost Weekend. A new band of old(er than me) fellas who play classic melodic rock with influences including UFO. I’m looking forward to seeing them again in October.

Then it was time for UFO. Only 3 of the classic line up are currently in the band but vocalist Phil, keyboard player/guitarist Paul and drummer Andy gel well with the new bassist and guitarist Vinnie who has now been with them a good few years.
The first half seemed to be filled with more recent tracks (or ones I didn’t know) before some classics emerged including Only You Can Rock Me, Too Hot to Handle, Rock Bottom and mine and a lot of other people’s favourites Lights Out (great solos) and Doctor Doctor to end it all.
Some of the guys are now in their 60s and might not be as fully great as they were but can still give lots of younger bands a run for their money.

Earlier in the day dr_throb and I went to see The Hangover (his birthday treat). In the midst of many comedy films that just don’t always work this one was pretty damn funny and I will look forward to the second one :)

Now I must return to trying to figure out why my land line isn’t working (I haven't plugged it in for years and now need it for a short while) :/
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