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Thur to Mon

Right! What the hell have I been doing?
After I finished work I was greeted at home by Kel and her poorly car. But Kwik Fit was closed for the day so we settled in for a nice meal of sausages, veg (including parsnips), many potatoes and Yorkshire puds. All prepared by the Kel. Hurrah! :)

Friday morning we went down to Kwik Fit as soon as it was open (08:30) and discovered that a bit of the exhaust had broke in 2. A new part was needed but would be there until later on. But later on we would be far away so we left her car there and went back home to get scrubbed up for our next adventure.

My car wasn’t staying at my house either as we drove to the closest park and ride and switched the car for a tram into town. The trams have been in Nottingham for 5 years but I had never used it, but with free parking and a stop right on top of the train station it was ideal.

We got into London St Pancras after 2pm and managed to navigate the underground to get to what we thought was the closest stop to our hotel. It turns out it wasn’t but the 30 minute walk robably did us well physically (but t mentally).
The hotel was actually apartments. One room with a kitchen in a cupboard and an actually fairly decent shower and loo in another.
After a scrub up our quest was to get to Wembley Stadium. As we were starting from a different station than I had originally planned a bit of thinking was involved but when a train full of rockin’ types pulled up we knew we were heading the right way.

Then it was time for the gig. See next post :)

The next day we were up early and Kel had a great idea of getting the bus to the station via Baker Street. There was a bit of a weird moment on the bus when we all had to get onto the bus directly behind due to an idiot verbally fighting with the driver and refusing to get off. But seeing London above and passing Abbey Road was good.

We got home about 4pm via McDonalds, a shandy, chewy sweets, 2 trains, some nodding off and a shop at Morrisons.
After an hour of nearly sleeping rest we were off out again to a 30th birthday gathering where BBQ meat and alcoholic drink was consumed.

Sunday we woke far later than we should have but still managed to get ourselves out of the house for a walk up to Bestwood Lodge for a shandy and then back home to get read for a nice BBQ round my folks house. First time I’ve had BBQ prawns and tuna. There was of course chicken there also :)

We went to bed late and I was so tired that I didn’t even wake when Kel got ready but was forced to when she had to leave for work.
I’m on nights tonight which means instead of going back to sleep I’ve stayed awake watching some of Glasto on the telly. Soon I shall go get the rest of my sleep and wake for a shift workers second morning.
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