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It was my first time going to Wembley Stadium so didn’t really know what to expect except a lot of people.
The Wembley Central tube stop was probably very busy that day as the road to Wembley was chocka with the various types of rockers filling up the pubs and restaurants. Rockville. Rockland. Rocktown. Rockworld.

After resisting hotdogs and burgers and that sort of badness we found our entrance and had the strange experience of having to slot the end of our ticket into a bar code reader and hoping the robot would let us in.
The area directly inside was quite spacious and had plenty of places to get your food and drink from and plenty of loos for later on.

The inside was plenty big (although I’ve heard the O2 Arena and almost any arena in America are bigger). Our tickets were standing and unreserved seating which is pretty self explanatory. We found some SRF friends and hung out with them a little bit as we sat down for the first 2 bands.

The Answer didn’t have too long to play and the sound seemed to have too much echo. But we’re seeing them do their own thing later on in the year so it didn’t matter.

Thin Lizzy were supposed to be next but the drummer has damaged himself so as a last minute replacement they got a young trio in called The Subways. I’m sure they would go down well at an alternative crown festival but didn’t really fit in here. When they announced that their last song was their last song everybody cheered.

Then it was time for AC/DC.
Before the rock and roll started we had nipped to the loo and when we came back it seems that a lot of people had trundled forward filling up the spaces at the front both on the floor and in the seating area. But we were still half way down and had a good view of the screens and could see the individuals on the stage. More importantly the music could find us anywhere and we could see the rock and roll train at the back of the stage that accompanied the song Rock ‘N’ Roll Train from their recent #1 release Black Ice.
4 other tracks were played from the album which is ok by me as I quite like it, although the real crowd pleasers were of course the classics like Back In Black and Thunderstruck. I have soft spot for anything off Highway To hell too though.
Things slowed down a little for The Jack during which Angus did a striptease and flashed us his AC/DC underpants.
There are some things an AC/DC gig would not be complete without and we got them. The first being a big bell for the intro to Hells Bells which Brian Johnson swung from. The second was a big inflatable saucy woman for Whole Lotta Rosie which this time decided to mount the train and she seemed to tap her foot as they sung about her.
Song after song got us feeling good. The sky was clear, the weather was warm but not uncomfortable and one of the most successful rock bands were with us churning out great tunes like You Shook Me All Night Long, TNT, and Let There Be Rock which had an extended solo which had Angus on a raised platform in the centre of the stadium as smoke and explosions of confetti erupted around him.
The cannons were out for For Those About To Rock and as they fired we headed towards the exit so we weren’t in a crush to get out.

We were on a high as we walked to the Wembley Park Station (a great idea by me as it seemed to be closer and easier) past the line of police and nervous pooping horses.
Then it was sardines in a tube for a few stops and a short walk to the pizza place next door to our accommodation. Half a meaty pizza ended a fantastic gig evening with excellent company.
I salute AC/DC as the rock giants they are. Thoroughly entertaining :)

Rock 'N Roll Train (from Black Ice, 2008)
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be (from Let There Be Rock, 1977)
Back In Black (from Back In Black, 1980)
Big Jack (from Black Ice, 2008)
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (from Dirty Deeds, 1976)
Shot Down In Flames (from Highway To Hell, 1979)
Thunderstruck (from The Razors Edge, 1990)
Black Ice (from Black Ice, 2008)
The Jack (from TNT, 1975)
Hells Bells (from Back In Black, 1980)
Shoot To Thrill (from Back In Black, 1980)
War Machine (from Black Ice, 2008)
Dog Eat Dog (from Let There Be Rock, 1977)
Anything Goes (from Black Ice, 2008)
You Shook Me All Night Long (from Back In Black, 1980)
TNT (from TNT, 1975)
Whole Lotta Rosie (from Let There Be Rock, 1977)
Let There Be Rock (from Let There Be Rock, 1977)
Highway To Hell (from Highway To Hell, 1979)
For Those About To Rock (from For Those About To Rock, 1981)

TNT, 1975
Dirty Deeds, 1976
Let There Be Rock, 1977
Highway To Hell, 1979
Back In Black, 1980
For Those About To Rock, 1981
The Razors Edge, 1990
Black Ice, 2008
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