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Nice adventures with K in Sweden, London and Nottingham and

Best CD of recent times purchased
Black Crowes – War Paint Live
Duke Special - I Never Thought This Day Would Come
Franz Ferdinand - Tonight
Stratovarious – Polaris
Vision Divine - 9 Degrees West Of The Moon
Steven Wilson - Insurgentes
Ann Wilson - Hope and Glory
Kip Winger - From The Moon To The Sun
UFO – The Visitor
Various - Yes Man: Original Soundtrack

Liking the power metal of Stratovarious and Vision Divine but the simple yet effect and charmingly Irish piano based Vaudeville influenced Duke Special - I Never Thought This Day Would Come makes me smile a little more.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Demons & Wizards - Demons & Wizards 2000
Demons & Wizards – Touched by The Crimson King 2005
The Doors - Live At The Matrix 1967

Demons & Wizards – Touched by The Crimson King - Not quite that old but old enough. Not as good as Blind Guardian but more enjoyable than Iced Earth (mainly because I like the vocals of Hansi Kürsch.

Gig of the Month
Just The Tonic
SRF – Hysterica / The Outlaws / H.E.A.T. / ZZ Top / Over The Rainbow / Neal Morse / Forigner / Journey / Dream Theater
Download – Skin / Tesla / Whitesnake
Neil Young

Best comedy - Just The Tonic - Especially Tim Vine
Best rock – Foreigner & Over The Rainbow were brill in Sweden but AC/DC trumped them all.

Cinema film of the Month
Terminator Salvation
The Hangover
Transformers2 : Revenge of The Fallen

I think I liked T4 over T2 and DH was a decent English comedy horror but maybe I’m going for chuckles this time in which case The Hangover has it.

Film on TV
James Caviezel & Rhona Mitra against a loony killer car driver in Highwayman

Best DVD bought
The Dark Knight

DVD watched
In A Dark Place
Somebody said Meet Dave was bad but I actually really enjoyed it :)

Book read
I read another 2 chapters :)

Top purchase
Did I buy Rock Band this month or last month? Oh it was last month. In that case it was the pizza after AC/DC :)~

July has 15 days at work, only 2 gigs and only 9 K days :o
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