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Mon – Thur
The night shift. I had my usual monthly George’s Tradition fish and chips on the Tuesday and on the Wednesday for possibly the first time ever I had to take an hour in the big black lumpy leather chair to get myself into a working state.

I woke up early in order to visit the venue where dr_throb’s wedding reception will be taking place. The evening should go ok, except for the best man’s speech :/

K drove up and for the first time in a while we did a whole load of noting. Although we did do a bit of food shopping and she made me salmon with veg potatoes in a marie rose sauce. We then watched the decent remake of Last House On The Left.

I was dragged out of bed really early so that would could take a peek at my local car boot sale. As expected it was full of dodgy looking people either selling dodgy goods or tat that they don’t even want. The best thing about it was that I got a nice drink of hot chocolate.
After that we went back to bed for the rest of our sleep.

Before midday K made us a nice bacon and scrambled egg breakfast then we slowly got ready to go out.

At 2pm we wee on our way to a friends house to visit them and their 7 week old daughter. It took over 90 minutes for the little one to wake up and be fed so she was ready to be held by K and briefly by me until she decided to cry at me.

Then we had the great idea of having our Sunday dinner at a Toby carvery. Gammon and Turkey and a huge yorkshire pudding with as much veg and potato as you can balance on your plate for £8.50. Nice. We were naughty after and also had a pudding :)~

Then back home for a massage and telly until bedtime.

Working the earlies. But K is coming round tonight. It’s my turn to cook :)
Breakie – Fry up
Dinner – chicken with veg and chips
Tea – chicken with baby veg and pesto pasta

Breakie – Michael Jackson toast (1 brown one white) with jam
Dinner – tuna salad cob + sausage roll
Tea – lemon chicken with baby veg and pesto pasta
Supper - K
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