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20 years and out.
At the beginning of this century Thunder split but after a couple of years were enticed back and remained for another 4 albums some tours and some rather excellent special Crimbo shows at Rock City.

It was back to Rock City last night for the 4th to last gig they might ever play (3rd to last in an indoors venue). But firs was another long running band
The Quireboys
They might have only made 5 albums in 20 years but vocalist Spike and guitarist Griff seem to grab a bunch of other guys and tour every so often. They’re 45 minutes went down very well last night to a full crowd. Probably because if you were a fan of Thunder back in the day it’s a good bet that this band and others were also on your list.
Best tracks came from the latest album and the first 2 especially those from A Bit of What You Fancy which I think is a bit of a classic.
Yep The Faces are alive and well and giving us the songs we need through the guise of The Quireboys. Good stuff.

Just before 10 to 9 the usual intro of AC/DCs Thunderstruck was played and the 5 jolly musicians known as Thunder walked on stage and played Loser to a very receptive crowd.
For each of these final gigs the band are mixing the set list up a little but keeping about 7 songs in every show. Filling in the gaps for this one were some fine mellow starting ones like Low Life In High Places and Empty City and some that get the crowd moving a bit more like Welcome To The Party, Laughing On Judgement Day, Castles In The Sand and Englishman On Holiday which was a pleasant surprise. They even stopped as they were about to do the final song so the crowd could chant the ‘Ere We Go ‘Ere We Go song as they used to back in the old days.
Fairly new and really old songs made up the every night songs. The best of the newies being On The Radio The Devil Made Me Do It, Cant Keep A Good Man Down and I Love You More Than Rock ‘N’ Roll.
Oldies were Gimme Some Lovin’, Love Walked In (a definite has to be played song), Better Man (with drummer Harry on acoustic) and another absolute classic Dirty Love.

They played for almost 2 hours and as always were fantastic. For some people in the crowd it was also sad as it might be the last time they see them like this, but I still have one more gig to go to before the end. If I’m lucky I’ll get to hear one of the other classic songs from the first album hopefully Higher Ground but Until My Dying Day or Don't Wait for Me would be great too. We shall see.

Set list
Welcome To The Party
On The Radio
Low Life In High Places
Gimme Some Lovin’
Empty City
The Devil Made Me Do It
Laughing On Judgement Day
Castles In The Sand
Cant Keep A Good Man Down
Love Walked In
I Love You More Than Rock ‘N’ Roll
Better Man
Englishman On Holiday
Dirty Love
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