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I've lost the magic internet with no wires

I lost it a couple of days ago. I noticed the power button on my router kept going on and off so decided to get a new one.
So today I got a new router and have set up all up and given it a new name and nice things like that.
BUT I still can't seem to get the internet up on either my upstairs PC that it's connected to or my faster laptop downstairs. When on my laptop I can connect to the new wireless network and also get at my shared folders on my PC, but no internet connection.

So for now I've plugged my PC straight into the moden as that seems to work. But this big lump of computer is a bit slow and I can't really be spending my time up here when there's things to do downstairs.

Maybe I've missed something in the set up. I might have a poke around the internet at work tomorrow to see if it knows what I've done wrong :/

Addition - At the bottom it does breifly say: looking up
Something to do with my silly overrunning protection thingies maybe?
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