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A long long time ago (Friday 10th July)

Wolverhampton Civic Hall this time and with K.

The stage at The Civic is a little larger than Rock City which meant the band could have a few pyros now and then.
But one down side to the venue is that if you get a bottle of water from the bar they pour it into a plastic cup. This isn’t ideal for when in the middle of a rowdy crowdy.
But the discomfort of a few splashes and the inevitable body heat wouldn’t stop me from enjoying what could be the last time I see Thunder live.

Some of the set list was the same as the Nottingham gig but this time we were treated to a few more off the first album starting with Backstreet Symphony and then a most fabulous Until My Dying Day later on. For that and also Don’t Wait For Me a closed eyes while singing moment was needed.

A Better Man, Fade Into The Sun and Dirty Love ended the gig and we bid farewell to Chris Childs, Ben Matthews, Gary 'Harry' James, Danny Bowes and Luke Morley as a unit, although I think we shall be seeing them individually in their next projects.

Set List:
Backstreet Symphony
Dirty Dream
Everybody Wants Her
Castles In The Sand
Gimme Some Lovin'
Until My Dying Day
The Devil Made Me Do It
Love Walked In
Stand Up
Just Another Suicide
Don’t Wait For Me
I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll
A Better Man
Fade Into The Sun
Dirty Love

Then we rocked the night away at The Gifford Arms rock disco before getting a tiny pizza to eat back at the hotel.
Saturday involved a light buffet lunch at Ks mums and then a 12 hour night shift for me. Sunday was another 12 hour shift.
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