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Soo my internet connection is now back and running fine. When it disappeared it looked like the power button on my router kept going on and off. Therefore I decided just to buy a new one.
Although when I tried to use it for the internet it didn’t like it. After a few nights of getting frustrated with the failure of my experimentations I asked around at work and on Facebook but still no success.
The thing that finally fixed it was unplugging the cable from my PC (which I hadn’t done before) and using the set up wizard on the disc that came with it rater than using the instructions from the booklet. This time it worked fine. I must remember to do this next time (I won’t).

Monday 13
K came up about 10pm

Tuesday 14
We were awake at 10am and ready by 11 to head to Matlock and the Heights Of Abraham.
The HoA is a tourist attraction on a hill a hill high above the train station car park. To get to it you have 2 options. Walk up a long steep path, or ride the cable cars. The cable cars were small and could apparently hold 6 people but possibly not when one of them is clasping the inside rail and telling his girlfriend not to rock it :) You could see some nice views from the cars and also from the heights themselves, but for some reason my camera’s memory card decided to choose that moment to not work anymore.
We easily spent over 3 hours at the top either walking around the quite often steep steps and pathways, resting and checking out the views. We even had short guided tours inside the 2 mines where we saw some nice natural and manmade holes in the hills and found out about the strange life of the 17th century miners.

Then it was back to mine where after I mowed the lawn and cleaned the window sills. K made me a nice tea of saucy spaggy hammy with a bit of pizza bread stuff. Television and wotnot ended a very nice day :)

Wednesday 15
Cinema for Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. It was all right. Quite long and without any great momentous plot, but with enough nice moments of comedy, romance and terror to keep me happy. We snuck in some water and some cheese and ham sarnies to keep us going :)

Later on we drove to Lambly and had a rather nice meal in a pub. I had broccoli and stilton soup followed by beer battered fish and she had salmon on fancy bread stuff and leeky chicken :)

We briefly popped to see my folks and then headed home where I experienced a normal full body massage like what the normal people get. I’m a lucky chappy :)

Thursday 16
A day for myself. I did some shopping including the new router which didn’t fix my internet problems right away.

Friday 17 – Sunday 19
This weekend gone I worked the early shift which had me going from feeling perky to crazy to tired and then back again. They were quite good though. Got some work done and also sorted out my car insurance.

Monday 20
Is today.
Last night when my internet was fixed my Sky+ decided to go loopy on me. I can watch the channels fine but pause TV. I also cant find any of my saved items on my Sky+ box.

I can’t see how the above could be in connection with my other problem but you never now. For also I haven’t used my downstairs phone for a long time but when I did try (to start my ebay selling campaign) I couldn’t get a ring tone. It also mentions on my Sky that it cannot connect to the line. I have a telephone engineer coming round sometime before 4pm which leave me in the house watching stuff recorded on my DVD recorder hard drive.
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