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Last weekend

I’ve been a busy boy.
Working nights these past few days (or nights) and the weekend gone was another K filled one.

On Friday evening the K-ness commenced as we tucked into a chicken salad and chilled out.

Saturday had us traveling to Derby to visit my grandparents for a couple of hours. We spent it in their garden drinking orange juice, eating cake and looking at old photos :)
When we arrived back at mine we did a bit of tidying up and waited for a brief visit from K’s folks who were traveling close by so dropped in to make sure I didn’t have a dungeon or anything dodgy in my house :)
The evening consisted of a few hours in a few pubs followed by some Chinese chips. I had a few drinkies as K was driving :)

After less sleep than planned we woke on Sunday morning and got ready for some hours in the open air.
We picked up my parents and then after a brief car journey the 4 of us walked 30 minutes to Newstead Abbey where we spent the next few hours strolling around the gardens that Byron might have strolled around himself many years ago.
After an afternoon rest the 4 of us reunited for dinner at a country pub restaurant. I had pea and mint soup, steak and ice cream, and beer and wine (K was still driving).

It was another very nice weekend.
This weekend is also K filled but a whole bunch of completely different and exciting activities :)
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