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I can’t remember it so it must have been good :)

Best CD of recent times purchased
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Kebnekajse - Kebnekajse
Lacuna Coil – Shallow Life
Live - Live At The Paradiso
Madness - The Liberty of Norton Folgate
Magnum - Into The Valley Of The Moonking
Manowar - Gods Of War 2007
Manson Marilyn - Eat Me, Drink Me
The Mars Volta - Octahedron
The Fireman (Paul McCartney) Electric Arguments
Mostly Autumn – Glass Shadows
Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles
Ricky Warwick - Belfast Confetti

I like the new Lacuna Coil. Madness have possibly produced one of their best in decades (although I have still to listen to other albums)
The Manowar could have done without the orchestration and narration, although it is informative about Odin.
Paul McCartney’s album as The Fireman actually has a nice feel and groove to it.
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings is superb. Strong progressive metal with great riffs and melody. A good round prog package.

Best CD from ages past purchased
Zero Hour - Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond (2006) is good progressive metal but Eric Martin - I'm Only Fooling Myself (1987) is a really nice solo album from the Mr Big vocalist.

Best best of CD purchased
Michael McDonald - The Ultimate Collection
Miller Steve Band – Best Of
Münchener Freiheit – Hit Collection
Various - The Ultimate Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne
Was (Not Was) – Hello Dad I'm In Jail

Münchener Freiheit is nice even if I don’t understand German and their only famous English song isn’t on it,
Miller Steve Band – Best Of contains some rather nice tunes. Abracadabra and The Joker stand out of course.

Gig of the Month
Thunder -A nice farewell from the great britrock band.
Cinema film of the Month
Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince was nice but lacked a solid plot.
Moon was directed by David Bowies son and had a nice retro feeling about it. A well made classic srtyle sci-fi.
Film on TV
Cleaner had Samuel L Jackson doing his thriller thing but Forgetting Sarah Marshall made me larf.

Best DVD bought
Last Action Hero - Arnie at his cheesy best.

DVD watched
Night Train
Ten Canoes
Lars And The Real Girl
Last House On The Left
The Risen
The Rocker
The Wackness

It’s got to be a draw as
Penelope is a charming family tale of a girl with a nose of a pig and
Last House On The Left is a violent but well done remake of an old film.

Rewatched DVD
Tropic Thunder & Underworld are great but Watchmen is a modern day epic.

Book read
I tried a little but I usually end up speaking to K last thin at night instead :)

Top purchase
I’m sure my new wireless router is a little faster.

August has 16 days at work, and only 1 gig :o
But it does have at least 4 K nights and 7 full K days :D
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