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Last weekend

Another K weekend of course ;)

Went to the Riverside Festival for an hour or so.
Ate some naughty fudge stuff and bought some Candyfloss to bring home

Went to Sutton-In-Ashfield to see a band called Live Wire. They are an AC/DC tribute band and were very very good. They played for well over 2 hours and had a Bon Scott looky a bit likey vocalist and a Brian Johnson one too. High energy rock songs that we know and love and a crazy jump about audience which had K in with them but me on the outskirts because I’m old ;P
It was in a pub that had rooms so we stayed over.

Went into town to buy a camera and then showed K some of the shops before resting at Nottingham beach which they have set up quite nicely in the toewn square. We had giant real sausage hot dogs and shandy :)

Oh and my camera is a Fujiifilm F60FD :)

Time is very short once again. Today we’re spending the night in a roman themed hotel near where she lives :)
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