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Zero 7 - When It Falls 2004
Zero Hour - Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond 2006
Zero Hour - Dark Deceiver2008 – Californian progressive metal
Zodiac Mindwarp - Hoodlum Thunder 1991
ZZ Top - Eliminator 1983Lacuna Coil – Shallow Life - 5th from the Itilian alternative metal band
Denny Laine - Spreading My Wings - The Ultimate Collection - From the Wings man the people forget about.
Legs Diamond – Favourites Vol 1 - 1977-today . Melodic Rock. The American Deep Purple".
Lion’s Share – Dark Hours - Power metal from Sweden
Live - Live At The Paradiso - Great American melodic band
Madness - One Step Beyond... 1979
Madness - Wonderful - 1999
Madness - The Liberty of Norton Folgate - 2009 – I’ve liked them since I was young but have never had the albums, just knew the singles. Well it’s about time I found out what the other songs are like (except it looks like they are bloody hard to get on CD).
Magica - Wolves And Witches - Romanian female-fronted power metal band
Magellan - Innocent God - 2007 Prooooog
Magnum - Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow
Magnum - Into The Valley Of The Moonking - Love the voice of Bob Catley
Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Collection jazz-rock fusion
Malmsteen Yngwie - Perpetual Flame - Tim "Ripper" Owens on vocals
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - The Land Of Pure Imagination
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Catnip Dynamite – power pop
Manowar - Gods Of War 2007 first of a series of concept albums dedicated to different war gods from various mythologies. This one - ODIN
Manson Marilyn - Eat Me, Drink Me sixth
Manson Marilyn - The High End of Low seventh
Mars Volta The - The Bedlam In Goliath fourth
The Mars Volta - Octahedron fifth from the new wave proggy type band
Eric Martin - Eric Martin - 1985
Eric Martin - I'm Only Fooling Myself - 1987
Eric Martin - Destroy All Monsters (2004)
Matthews Cerys - Awyren = Aeroplane (EP) from the nice voiced nice Welsh women.
The Fireman (Paul McCartney) Electric Arguments - Experimental album
Michael McDonald - The Ultimate Collection - What do you mean he’s not black?
McQueen – Break the Silence - Female rock band from Brighton
Miller Steve Band – Best Of - Some people call him Maurice.
Mind Odyssey - Keep It Turning - 1994
Mind Odyssey - Schizophenia - 1995
Mind Odyssey - Nailed To The Shade - 1998
Mind Odyssey - Signs - 1999
Mind Odyssey -Time to Change It - 2009 German progressive(ish) metal band
Morissette Alanis - Flavors of Entanglement seventh
Mostly Autumn – Glass Shadows eighth from the most excellent Northern band
Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles
Münchener Freiheit – Hit Collection - 80s German pop band famous for Keeping The Dream Alive – Although I can’t find an album with that on.
Muse - H.A.A.R.P: Live At Wembley - 2007 (CD & DVD)
Mystery – Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face - Canadian progrock

Last Action Hero - Cheesy fun
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