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The only good news is K news.

To Kels
Ate pizza and stayed in a hotel called The Roman Way

Drive back 10am sleep afternoon

Work nights :/

K had finished her work and I had finished my sleep so from then on we spent nearly every moment together from Monday afternoon to Friday morning.
Monday she made me nice meal of beans beans rice and tomatoes which I used as my excuse for every fart from then on.

On Tuesday we went into town on a couple of quests. The first was to check out Jessops digital photo printing. But the software used and the touch screen itself weren’t quite user friendly so we cheered ourselves up by have a sit down at Nottingham beach in the centre of town for a bit of sausage baguette and chips and a larger and lime shandy.
Our next quest was to find some trek trousers that fit me. We failed because I am too fat and short. But a day later I bought some that were longer in the leg but K said she would take them home and shorten them for me. How lovely :)

We made our sarnies and headed north west to Liverpool.
K isn’t really a fan of The Beatles (WHAT!?) but I am so it was very nice of her to suggest we do some Beatles stuff.
After settling in at the hotel which looked out on Albert Docks pop popped downstairs and round the corner for The Beatles Experience. It was an hour or so walk though the history of the band with things to look at while their story was narrated to you by headphones. I knew a lot of the stuff already but it was still nice.
Then it was on to the Magical Mystery Tour. 1.5 hours on a bus which visited many of the sites mentioned in the Experience plus a few more including a few stop offs to see the house George Harrison was born in and the last house in Liverpool that Paul McCartney lived in.
After the tour ended we spent 20 or 30 minutes in The Cavern before slowly strolling back to the docks where I had a nice steak :)~

A continental breakfast (which means they have croissants and no fry up :/) followed by a bit of a shopping trip in the town and then a ride on the yellow duckmarine.
It was a noisy but informative tour of the city by land at first and then a splash down into the docks for a pleasant little cruise.
It’s took us over 30 minutes longer to get home than it did to get there (which wasn’t too bad considering it was rush hour) and then I amazed K by showing her that my microwave could do jacket spuds that were just as good as in the oven thanks to it’s triple combination attack.
In the evening we visited friends one of whom turned 44 that very day :o

Fri to Sun
On the early shifts

Had a bit of a tidy up and went to feed at the folks at night. I then popped round a mates and was persuaded to buy Tiger Woods golf on the Wii :o

It was going to be a full on cinema day but what with recent activities I needed time to do things at home and wait for my honey to arrive. You know what I can’t actually remember what we did. Oh yes. I made some lovely chicken fillets with ham and cheese things and we watched telly. Just a nice night in.
The cinema trip was to see Perfect Getaway. Milla Jovovich & Steve Zahn on a couple on their honeymoon who get caught up in an Hawaiian mystery about a murderous couple on the run. It was a descent enough suspense thriller with a guessable but enjoyable twist and a fairly good last 10 minutes.

Worked some good earlies.

Once again it was my turn to travel to K.
This time I picked her up and after a visit to a friend headed to Dudley and checked into the haunted hotel for the second time.
We then put on our glad raga and walked the 10 minutes to The Foundry for a few hours of rock disco from a local rock DJ that she knows. I mostly spend my time at the bar chatting to this guy she knows (a kind heated rocker with a bit of a mental illness) but after a few pints did my turn on the dancefloor with my lady for a few songs.
At midnight the music stopped and the beer said we had to go and get a pizza. £6 for a good sized meaty thing which was actually rather nice. Nice!
The booze then made us fall asleep not long after we got in.

Sleep wasn’t great. The bed creaked and the booze kept telling me to wake up every hour or so. In the morning I remembered that I hadn’t had any water when I got in and put my tiredness down to that. But the good old English cure of a fry up helped a bit as we visited K’s Dad and then her Sister.
Then in the afternoon I had a good drive home, 90 minutes of sleep, and then a tiring 12 hour overtime shift at work which I shall use as toil to have a day off somewhere :)

While I slept K crept in and prepared a nice dinner for me that was ready by the time I had woke and showered. If I hadn’t been working we would have gone out for a stroll somewhere but as it was now late evening we just had a nice night in.

I saw K off as she drove the hour+ to her work. Then wrote a bit of this and headed back to bed.
Then it was emergency cinema trip number 2. This time for the mighty Inglourious Basterds. It’ Tarantino but with a touch less quirkiness and some good influences being used. Scenes are long and often tense and quite often in German. You can never be quite sure if it’s going to deliver but some choice scenes and a memorable finale make it all worthwhile. Brad Pitt might be the big name in it but Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa totally steals the show.

Time is very short lately for things like this. Sometimes I’m with Kel, sometimes I’m on my own but watching the telly I can’t when with Kel, sometimes I’m asleep and the other times I’m at work. Oddly enough work is where I get to write the most for LJ but lately it’s gotten too busy.
So times are good. There are worries at work but having K in my life makes things better. We have lots of little adventures planned together. I will of course endeavour to make note of them here.

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